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Have you noticed that some rooms in your building tend to be warmer or cooler than others? Sometimes this is due to placement of the room. For example, if a room is in the north corner of a building with little sun exposure, it will tend to be cooler than other rooms in the building.

However, placement isn’t everything. If you notice that a room or space in your building is not getting cooled or heated as efficiently as you think it should, check the airflow into the room. If you have leaking ducts, you could quickly lose airflow into one or more rooms. This will make your whole system work harder to keep those rooms cooled or heated. This will drive your utilities bills up, and added stress on the system can lead to more damage and need for repairs.

You might be surprised how much energy (and money) your heating and air conditioning system is losing to unmaintained and damaged ducting. Because they are so rigid, old sheet metal ducts tend to separate at their connections as age and the settling of your building takes place.

Poorly insulated ducting will have a decreased resistance to heat transfer. This factor is called an R-value. Ducting with higher R-values will always be more energy efficient, which makes it more affordable to heat and cool the house.

When you call 1st Response AC and Heating for a consultation on duct repair and/or installation, we will walk you through all of your options, including new, flexible ducting that helps to increase your R-values by decreasing heat transfer. We will assess the proper duct sizing for your space, as improperly sized ducts can waste energy and impair airflow. We will also assess whether the rooms in your home have good air flow or not. Poor air flow can lead to a room remaining hot while the rest of the house is cooled properly. Adding a return to the room increases air flow and solves the problem.

Give us a call today, and we could lower your utilities bills and make your home or business that much more comfortable, simply with duct repairs and/or installations.

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